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Trip Cancellation Policy

When a ferry trip or bus service must be cancelled due to inclement weather, mechanical or other problems, it is important that communication with customers is clear and timely. This procedure will address inclement weather, but will be modified as appropriate for other cancellation situations.

Cancelling a Ferry Trip or Bus Trip 

The Captain is responsible for deciding if a ferry trip must be cancelled. The General Manager is responsible for determining if a bus trip must be cancelled. In some cases, it will be evident far in advance of the scheduled departure time. In others, it may be a more difficult decision. While we want to make the decision as close to departure time as possible, we also must consider the customers who need the information in order to make their travel decisions. In the case of the first boat in the morning, it is the Captain’s responsibility to monitor the weather throughout the night. If the decision can be made with more notice, it should be made as soon as possible but no sooner than 6 hours before departure time, except in exceptional circumstances.

If possible notice of cancellation will be posted on the CTC website and on Facebook at least sixty minutes before departure from Chebeague. However, extenuating circumstances may necessitate an immediate trip cancellation at times.

Bus service for the first two trips (6:15 AM and 7:45 AM)  are automatically cancelled if Yarmouth schools are cancelled or delayed start for the day. Other trips will run as scheduled unless a notice is posted/sent.

If bus service is cancelled, Cumberland parking customers should park at the Cousins Island parking lot. 

Customers desiring an email or text message with periodic updates on cancellation status should sign up to receive important notices on this webpage.

Throughout the day communication will be updated as needed.  

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