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Trip Cancellation Policy
Cancelling a Ferry Trip 

The Captain is responsible for deciding if a ferry trip will be cancelled.  In some cases, it will be evident far in advance of the scheduled departure time. In others, it may be a more difficult decision. If possible, notice of cancellation will be posted on the CTC website, Facebook, and emailed to our Cancellation email/text subscribers  at least sixty minutes before departure from Chebeague. However, extenuating circumstances may necessitate an immediate trip cancellation.

Cancelling a Bus Trip

The General Manager is responsible for determining if a bus trip must be cancelled.

Bus service for the first trip (6:15 AM)  is automatically cancelled if Yarmouth schools are cancelled or delayed start for the day. Notices may not be sent in this circumstance since it is an automatic cancellation.

Other trips will run as scheduled unless a notice is sent.

If bus service is cancelled, Cumberland parking customers should park at the Cousins Island parking lot. 

Receiving Updated Information

 CTC customers should sign up to receive "Important Notice Sign-Up Email and Text" on this page. 

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Email and Text 
Upcoming Scheduled Cancellations

Click here for June cancellations due to extreme low tide.

Please sign up for notices to be sent by email or text message for the most up to date information on cancellations.