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Parking and Bus Service

CTC operates two mainland parking lots in its transportation system.  Passengers with vehicles are able to park on the mainland and walk to, or be bused to, the ferry.

Combined the lots have a capacity of nearly 400 vehicles.

Parking fees are assessed at both lots.  Credit cards  are accepted at both lots.


Disability Accommodation

Passengers needing accommodations because of physical disabilities should call the CTC office during regular business hours at least 24 hours in advance of travel.

Passengers who need assistance boarding the ferry should consider the tides on the dates of travel and travel on high tides if possible.  The ramp to the ferry float is very steep on low tide.

Cousins Island Lot​

The Cousins Island (or Blanchard) parking lot is located near the ferry on Cousins Island.  This lot is restricted to 165 cars and is used primarily by year-round residents.

Limited daily parking is allowed at the Cousins Island lot on a space available basis for a fee. No overnight parking is permitted except for permit holders. Vehicles parked for the day must be out of the lot by 5:30pm at the latest.

Cumberland  Lot

The second parking lot is located in Cumberland approximated 7 miles from the ferry.  Passengers are transported to the ferry on CTC buses which operate on a published schedule.

Daily, monthly, and annual parking is available. 

In the interest of safety effective March 1, 2017, the first two CTC buses of the day (leaving at 6:15 AM and 7:45 AM from the Route One Lot) will be automatically cancelled if school is cancelled in Yarmouth for the day due to weather conditions. Trip is not automatically cancelled for “delayed starts”. Cancellations beyond the first two trips will be posted on the Company’s Facebook page and a notification will be sent to those people who signed up for the cancellation notice service.

A very limited number of bicycles can be transported on the bus. Additionally, our busses have limited space for freight. If possible, either use Casco Bay Lines very convenient freight service or, please bring bikes and large amounts of freight to Cousins Island, making sure to follow all local traffic ordinances, before parking in the satellite lot.

Passengers are not allowed to climb in or out of the back door of the bus to load/unload freight.

Annual Parking Application

Customers desiring to apply for an annual parking permit must complete an application.  For the current parking application and Terms and Conditions, select the forms below.

2021 Parking Application

​2021 Terms and Conditions

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