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Parking and Bus Policies
Below are important guidelines for using our parking and bus services.

​Parking and Ferry Fee Collection 

Parking fees will be collected by the bus driver for the Cumberland lot.  CTC accepts credit cards. 

Boarding the Bus

Passengers who need assistance should notify the bus driver. Passengers should not board the bus until they have paid their parking fees and their freight is loaded on the bus.  

Riding the Bus 

The ride between the parking lot and the Cousins Island wharf is approximately 15 minutes. Passengers are required to remain behind the yellow/white line next to the bus driver while the bus is in motion.

Exiting the Bus 

Passengers should wait until the bus is completely stopped and the bus driver has opened the exit door and stepped off the bus before leaving their seats. The bus driver will open the luggage compartment and back bus door and then return to assist passengers as needed to exit the bus. Passengers with luggage should then retrieve their belongings from the back of the bus or the luggage compartment.  

Package Transport Policy

It is the policy of the Company to transport packages both on and off the island as a service and convenience to our customers. Customers requesting package transport by ferry boat or bus will be responsible for assuring proper packaging of the content and labeling for delivery, as well as making arrangements for delivery or pickup. All packages transported by the Company shall be carried at the customer's risk and the Company shall have no liability for lost or damage packages or their contents. Normal freight fees apply.

Traveling with Animals 

Animals should be leashed or in carrying cases. In respect for other customers, passengers are asked not to allow animals on the bus or vessel seats. Pets must be non-aggressive and under their owner’s control at all times. The bus driver and boat crew retain the right to deny transport of a dog that appears to be disruptive or a threat to other pets or passengers.  

Freight on Busses 

CTC buses have limited space for transporting freight. Priority must be given to transporting customers and their personal belongings. CTC bus drivers will work to accommodate as much freight as practical. Our buses are restricted by State of Maine law on the type of freight they can carry. CTC busses cannot carry any gasoline, propane fuel, or vessel/vehicle batteries. 

The bus driver will inform passengers of the best place to store their items for the bus trip to and from Cousins Island. The buses store items in the underneath luggage compartments and in the back of the bus. Passengers are not allowed to enter or exit the bus from the rear door. More information regarding freight, including fees, is available in the link on the left. 

Carts are available at the wharf for transporting small freight items.

For a more detailed listing of freight policies and fees, please see our Freight Policies.

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