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One Day Pass Tickets
We are pleased to offer  a discounted Day Pass for customers visiting Chebeague for one day. Passes are available for round trips originating on the Mainland and may be purchased for same day or next day return only. Parking is available at the Cumberland Lot only. 

You may purchase the ticket in advance, it has no expiration date. However, once you use the ticket, you must return to the mainland on the same or next day in order to receive the discount. 

 You may not purchase tickets for multiple days on one ticket or several tickets for multiple days.  (For example, if you are traveling to the Island 3 days in a row, you may not purchase 3 ferry and/or parking tickets on one transaction or purchase 3 different tickets and present them all at once).

If you do not comply with these conditions, the bus driver and/or deckhand will require that you pay full fare ridership costs.

Customers parking at the Cousins Island lot are not eligible for the parking discount. The passes are available only online at the CTC website and may be purchased with a credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover) or debit card. You may purchase parking tickets, ferry tickets, or both.

The PRINTED receipt is your pass. You must present the PRINTED receipt with the date of travel written on it to the bus driver and deckhand. The bus driver will give you a parking pass and the deckhand will exchange the receipt for round trip ferry tickets.  


If a receipt is presented more than once as a pass, the credit card holder will be responsible for the additional fees at the full ferry fare and parking fee rates.

If your visit extends beyond one day, you will be charged on your return the difference between the cost of the one- day pass and our regular full fare fees.