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The CTC Bus will resume operations on the 4:30PM run today - meeting the 5 PM ferry. We will run the rest of the evening.

CTC bus service is cancelled until the storm passes. We will post a notice when it resumes. Route One customers returning to the Route One lot should park at Cousins. Please car pool if possible.

Due to popular demand, CTC is changing its policy regarding deadlines for the Cousins Island annual parking permit applications. Effective immediately, the deadline will be December 1st each year. The 2020 applications must be received at the office or postmarked no later than December 1st, 2019.

The 2020 parking applications and terms and conditions are now posted on the Parking and Bus Service page of this website.

The 2019 Holiday Schedule is posted here.
The December crew assistance schedule and the November newsletter are also posted.

The 6:30AM and 7:05AM ferry (and bus) are cancelled due to high winds.  We will post an update on later trips when the crew is able to evaluate the situation - closer to departure time.

The October newsletter is now posted on this page. The November crew assistance schedule is also posted.

The CTC Board Meeting scheduled for September 19th has been rescheduled until September 30th. The Meeting will be at 6:30 PM at the CTC office. As always, the public is welcome!

Restricted Parking at Cousins Lot effective 9/1/2019.  Due to lack of available parking spaces, vehicles without an annual permit (Overnight or Weekday worker) will not be able to park at the lot before 7 AM for September and October.

The September newsletter is now posted on this page. The October crew assistance schedule is also posted.

The 12 noon/12:15 PM ferry WILL BE CANCELLED on Tuesday 8/13 due to the annual Coast Guard Safety inspection. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

To see a brief video of the Independence launch, click here. 

The August newsletter is now posted on this page. The September crew assistance schedule is also posted.

The bus for those attending the 7/19 launch of the Independence will meet the noon ferry and return on the 5 PM ferry - not the 4 PM ferry as previously stated.

The July newsletter is now posted on this page.  The August crew assistance schedule is also posted.

CTC has opening for a full or part time deckhand.  Visit the Jobs page for more information .

Reminder to our customers.
The bus service carries freight for Route One parking customers only. If you are not riding the bus, please do not load your freight on the bus at Route One to be delivered to the wharf. Thank you.

Independence launch rescheduled to 7/19. 
 The new CTC ferry, the Independence, launch date has been rescheduled. The launch will be at 1:30 PM on July 19th at Washburn & Doughty, 7 Enterprise Street, East Boothbay. CTC will provide free bus transportation – meeting the noon boat and returning for the 4 PM ferry. Sign up for the bus on the Islander or in the office. Launch tee shirts will be available for purchase and we will provide complimentary refreshments. Join us for this memorable occasion!

Independence Launch postponed! 
 Due to construction delays, the launch will be rescheduled for July. We will publish the date as soon as it is available.

Independence Launch 6/28 10:00am
Join us for the launch of the new CTC ferry, the Independence, on 6/28 at 10:00 am at Washburn & Doughty – 7 Enterprise Street, East Boothbay. CTC will provide a free bus ride to the event - leaving Cousins wharf at 8:15am and returning for the 2:15pm ferry. Help us celebrate with christening, remarks by the builder and CTC, and refreshments. And bring your checkbook to purchase a launch tee shirt! Sign up for the bus on the ferry or at the office. See you there!

Another visit to Washburn and Doughty today.  Click above to see photos.

The June newsletter and July crew assistance schedule are now posted on this page.

The CTC Office will be closed on the following holidays: Memorial Day (5/27), July 4th, and Labor Day (9/2). Ferries and buses will run on their normal daily schedules for those days.

The Route One lot will be sprayed for brown-tail moth Thursday 5/16 or Saturday 5/18. This will not interrupt our bus service.

More pictures of the Independence from our visit yesterday on page above.

Check out the new pictures of the Independence above.

The Route One parking lot will be sprayed for brown-tail moth early next week - weather permitting.

The date for the May CTC Board meeting has been changed to 5/9 at 6:30 PM at the CTC office.

The May newsletter and June Crew Assistance Schedule are now available on this page.

If there is a Delayed Start at Yarmouth schools, the school boat will leave Chebeague at 9:05 AM instead of 7:05 AM. The 7:05/7:20 AM ferry will not run.

SPRAYING FOR BROWN-TAIL. During the first or second week in May, Bartlett Tree will spray the Route One lot for brown-tail moth. The spraying should be completed before the first bus of the day. The spray may get on vehicles but it will not damage the paint. Customers are urged to park in the center rows of the lower part of the lot to minimize exposure. As soon as we have a definite date, we will post it. However, it would be prudent to park away from trees beginning the end of April.

We need your help!  On  Wednesday, April 24th at 10 AM the Taxation Committee in Augusta will hold a public hearing on a LD 124 "An Act to Exempt from Sales Tax an Island-based Nonprofit Provider of Ambulance Services". The location is Room 127 in the State House.  The bill has been introduced by our representative Janice Cooper.  As everyone knows, CTC provides emergency transportation to Cousins Island 24 hours a day - 365 days per year.  This service is provided at no cost to the Town or the patient.  
CTC has met with the Maine Revenue Services and EMS.  Unfortunately, although vessels can serve as an ambulance, the rules have not been written to allow this.  Therefore, we are unable to receive that designation (which would help us become sales tax exempt) at this time.  
With the delivery of the Independence in the near future, being exempt from sales tax would save our company tens of thousands of dollars!
We plan to testify before the Committee to urge passage of the bill.  We would like to have as much support as possible from the Community at the hearing.   CTC will provide transportation - leaving the Island on the 8 AM ferry and returning on the 2:15 PM ferry.
If you are able to attend and would like to ride our bus to the hearing, please email or call Carol or the Office and let us know.  Thank you!

The April newsletter is now posted on this page.  The crew assistance schedules for April and May are also posted.

Parents are reminded that they must pay for their children's ferry trips to off island activities (e.g. sport teams) or obtain tickets from the Parents Association.



The March Newsletter and April Crew Assistance Schedule are now available on this page.

The February 21st  meeting of the CTC Board of Directors is cancelled.  The next meeting will be March 21st at 6:30 PM at the CTC office.  As always, the public is welcome!

The February newsletter is now posted on this page. Also posted is a chart of the ferry trips where the CTC crew can provide assistance to passengers moving from and to the floats from the wharves.

1/25/2019       winner of ferry naming contest!
475 people voted in the contest to name the new CTC ferry. The breakdown of the votes were:
Hamilton - 50 votes
Chebeaguer - 91 votes
Ambrose Hamilton - 93 votes
Islander II - 95 votes
Three people submitted the name Independence. We drew the winner from a hat - congratulations Beth Dyer!!

As of 7:30 AM we expect to run through the 10/10:15 AM and Noon ferries.  It is still to early to make a decision on later ferries.  For further updates, follow our Facebook page or sign up for emails and/or texts on the Cancellation page of this website.   We will not be posting further weather updates to this page today.

Strong winds from SW may lead to ferry cancellations tomorrow 1/24. Cancellations would likely be mid morning to mid afternoon. We will send an update tomorrow.

The 4:45/5 PM and 7:15/7:30 PM ferry and bus are cancelled today (1/20) due to unsafe conditions on the roads and on the floats/ramps/wharves

The CTC bus is running this morning (1/20). It may be cancelled later in the day. The 10/10:15 am ferry may be cancelled due to expected storm surge at that time. A notice will be sent if bus or ferry are cancelled.  

There will likely be some CTC bus trip cancellations tomorrow due to the storm.  We will post notices.

Sunday's storm may force cancellation of the 10:00/10:15 AM ferry. We will send notices and post on Facebook whether or not cancellation is needed. Also, the storm surge may result in flooding near the fence at the Cousins Island parking lot. Customers may want to consider moving their cars to Route One. It would certainly help in clean up after the storm!

The first CTC bus was automatically canceled because school was canceled in Yarmouth.  We are also canceling the 7:45 AM bus due to road conditions.  Other buses will run on schedule.

The first CTC bus of the day was automatically canceled today (1/8) because there was a delayed start at Yarmouth schools. THE 7:45 AM CTC BUS IS ALSO CANCELED due to unsafe road conditions. The 9:45 AM and subsequent buses will run on schedule.

New photos have been added of the new ferry.  Click the link above.
The CTC Board meeting has been rescheduled from 1/17 to 1/10.  The meeting is held at 6:30 PM at the CTC office.  The public is welcome.

There will not be bus service for the 8/8:15 AM ferry today 1/3. Service will resume for the 10;10:15 AM ferry.

Cast your ballot in the "Name That Ferry" contest for one of the top 5 finalists at

The January newsletter is now posted on this page.

The CTC office is now closed on Tuesday and Thursday at noon and all day Friday.

The December newsletter is now posted on this page.

The CTC office will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Remember that we have a reduced ferry/bus schedule for these holidays that is posted on the Ferry Schedule page of this website and the ferry.

Barging to Cousins Island must end by November 30th (due to legal restrictions). We still have available spots for 11/27-11/29. Contact the office on Monday (11/26) for more information. All barging is weather permitting.

Parking permit applications for the Cousins Island lot must be postmarked by 11/24 or delivered to the CTC Office at 16 North Road by 4 PM on 11/24. Delivered applications should be placed in the new mailbox to the left of the front door.

The first bus, 6:15 AM, is cancelled today 11/20. We expect to run all later buses. Route One customers for the 6:15 bus should drive to Cousins - please carpool if possible.
The first bus of the day is automatically cancelled if Yarmouth schools are cancelled (which they are today). Normally, we will not send out a notice for this automatic cancellation.

Submit your entry to the CTC office in writing or via email by 11/30 to name our new ferry! Be sure to include your name and phone number. You can suggest more than one name per entry or submit separate entries. A CTC Board committee will select the top five names. This will be a blind contest—the committee will not know who submitted the entries. Once the top five names have been selected, the community will then be asked to vote on its favorite through a written and online voting process. The winner will be named by 1/31/19. The winner will receive 5 ferry ticket guest books and the honor of naming our new ferry. (If there are multiple submissions of the winning entry, we will draw the winner from a hat.)

The 2018 Holiday Schedule is posted on the "Ferry Schedule" page of this website.

The 7:45 AM bus is canceled today due to bad weather. The 9:45 AM bus will run as scheduled to meet the 10:15 AM ferry.

As of 8 PM we expect to run the rest of the trips for this evening. If something changes we will post it, but we don't expect a change.


The CORRECTED November newsletter is now posted on this page.  The free boat days are 12/8 and 12/15.

The November newsletter is now posted on this page.

The 2019 Annual Parking Permit Applications are now posted on the Parking and Bus Service page of this website. Applications will be mailed to current permit holders by 11/1. The due date for submitting applications is 11/24/2018

The October newsletter is now posted on this page.

The CTC office will be closed on Fridays starting 9/28/18 for the winter season.

CTC has an opening for a part-time deckhand.  25-30 hours per week.  For more information, visit the Jobs page on this website.

The September newletter is now posted on this page.

​The school boat will begin running on 9/4.  The ferry leaves Chebeague at 7:05 AM and Cousins when the school bus arrives - approximately 3:05 PM.  The service is weekdays only and will run on school vacations and school cancellation days (weather permitting).

The CTC Cousins Island Lot has been full with annual parking permit holders many times this summer. Therefore, daily parking customers who plan to park at Cousins may be unable to do so. Daily parkers should not plan on getting access to the Cousins Lot before 8 AM and may be unable to park there then depending on the number of vehicles in the lot. To be safe, daily parkers should use our Route One lot. Annual parking permit holders will be our priority. 

The August newsletter is now posted on this page.

The CTC Annual Members Meeting will be held on 7/21 at 9 AM at the Island Hall.

As a reminder, vehicles that do not have a resident annual parking permit must exit the Cousins Island Lot by 5:30 PM. Overnight parking is allowed for resident annual parking permit holders only.

Weekday worker permit holders may park at the Cousins Island Lot on weekends only on a "space available" basis.

CTC will run a normal boat/bus schedule on July 4th. The only times we run a holiday schedule are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.

The Cousins Island lot is full.  People going to Chebeague for the day should park at our Route One lot.

The July newsletter is now posted on this page.

On 6/19 the 10/10:15 AM ferries are cancelled due to the annual Coast Guard safety inspection.  The noon boat may be delayed.

The special school trips will end this month. The last regularly scheduled school trips will be on 6/18. On 6/19 we will run the morning school trip only. School trips will resume when school starts in the fall.

The June Newsletter is now posted on this page.

For final drawings of the new ferry, click the link above.

For information on the restrictions on transporting freight on our ferry and buses, please click here.

On Friday, May 11th CTC will have work done in the Cousins Lot. In order to do this, we will be blocking off the parking spaces along the back fence starting Wednesday 5/9. Please park at Route One if at all possible between 5/9 and 5:00 PM on 5/11. Thank you.

The CTC office is now open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Barging will begin on May 1st.  Call the office to make a reservation.

The May Newsletter is now posted on this page.

CTC has subscribed to a new service to send out our newsletters and our notifications regarding service. We have sent out a few test emails and all seems to be working well.  If you no longer need one of these services, please let us know. 
We are deleting email addresses that bounce or are rejected.  If you believe you are enrolled in this service and are not receiving notifications, please let us know.

The April Newsletter is now posted on this site.  

At the Board of Selectmen meeting on 3/14, CTC presented information concerning the new ferry construction.  To view the presentation, click here.

At the Board of Selectmen meeting at 6 PM on 3/14 CTC will present information on the design of the new ferry planned for 2019.  You can also see the plans by clicking here.

The March newsletter is now posted on this page.

The February Newsletter is now posted on this page.

The January Newsletter is now posted on this page.
New ferry fees take effect today.  Short week commuter and Day Passes have been eliminated.

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