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6/15/21 CTC's June meeting of the Board of Directors has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 24'th at 7pm at the Chebeague Recreation Center in the craft room. The public is welcome. In accordance with Rec Center policies, people who have not been fully vaccinated must wear a mask.

6/14/21 Click here for an update on changes to mask policies, ticketing reminders and news on parking. 

6/4/21 Click here for an update on schedule changes 

5/7/21 Click here for a notice updating expanded capacity on our busses

5/3/21 The May newsletter and  May and June Crew Assistance/Trip Cancellations are now posted on this page 

4/26/21 CTC is restructuring some of our boat fares. These changes will be effective June 1. Click here for more info.

4/20/21 CTC to Begin Running Trips from Chandler’s Cove during Extended Low Tide Cancellations. Click here for the notice.

3/25/21 Click here for a notice updating our expanded capacity and schedule for our bus and ferry service

3/24/21 The April newsletter and April and May Crew Assistance/Trip Cancelations are now posted on this page.

2/23/21 The March newsletter and March and April Crew Assistance/Trip Cancelations are now posted on this page.

2/16/21 Bus service has been suspended at least through the noon trip today due to freezing rain and unsafe road conditions. 

2/15/21 Due to predicted heavy snow/freezing rain, bus service cancellations are likely tomorrow(2/16/21). An update will be posted in the morning  morning.

2/4/21 Reminder from CTC - 2021 parking stickers must be put on immediately. Beginning February 15, vehicles without 2021 stickers will be subject to ticketing, daily parking charges or towing at the owner's expense. CTC recognizes that some people are not travelling to the mainland frequently and can help get 2021 stickers put on cars. Please call our office at 846-3700 to ask for help getting your sticker on. Also, the Commuter Area on Cousins Island is for people who applied for and received a Commuter Sticker only. If you do not have a Commuter Sticker, please do not park in the designated commuter spots.

1/26/21 CTC is expanding service on Sundays. Starting Sunday, January 31, CTC will run trips departing Chebeague at 6pm and departing Cousins Island at 6:15pm. These trips will have bus service to and from our Route One Satellite lot.

1/22/21 The Independence will undergo her annual safety inspection on Monday, January 25'th. We don't anticipate any service interruptions, but there is a possibility the 10am/10:15am trip may be delayed.

1/14/21 CTC has sent a letter to the Army Corps of' Engineers advocating for the Town's upcoming dredging project to be completed as soon as possible. Click here to read the letter.

1/11/21 Please click here for a notice regarding upcoming trip cancellations due to extreme low tides.

12/23/20 Strong southerly winds are forecast for Christmas Eve, beginning in the afternoon and continuing on through Christmas morning. It is possible CTC will have to cancel ferry trips. Please remember, you can sign up for our notices, which include notices of cancellation, on our cancellations page here. An update will be provided tomorrow morning.

12/21/20 The January news letter and January and February Crew Assistance/Trip Cancelations are now posted on this page.

11/30/20 The December news letter and December and January Crew Assistance/Trip Cancellation schedules are now posted on this page.

1/23/20 With the holidays approaching and people considering travelling, CTC would like to remind our passengers of the ongoing effects of Covid-19 on our service. Please click here for our latest update.

Please click here for a notice regarding upcoming trip cancellations due to extreme low tides.

The November newsletter and November and December Crew Assistance/Trip Cancellation schedules are now posted on this page.

For details regarding the Maine Economic Recovery Grant CTC has been approved to receive, please click here.

Please see a notice announcing 8:15 water taxi service from Cousin's Island to the Stone Pier here. The notice also includes detailed instruction on how to use this service.

To view a letter from CTC updating the community on the board's review of possible schedule changes and their effects on staffing and finance please click here.

The October newsletter and October and November crew assistance schedules are now posted on this page.  

After receiving feedback from a few island residents, the CTC board has directed management to review possible schedule changes and their effects on staffing and finances during these challenging times.
The review will be completed as soon as possible. 

The September CTC Board meeting will be on 9/17 at 7 PM. 
To join the meeting on, use meeting ID 83795662325 

On 8/25 at 4 PM, Board President John Rent and Clerk of the Corporation Lew Holman oversaw the count of votes for the 2020 CTC Annual Members’ Meeting. Results were as follows:

1. Approve minutes of the 2019 Annual Members’     Meeting: Yes-87, No-1
2. Approve Treasurer’s Report of 2019 financial     results: Yes-83, No-1
3. Election of Directors
            John Rent – 106 votes
           Geoff Summa – 104 votes
4. Election of Clerk
           Lew Holman – 105 votes

There were no write-in candidates for Director or Clerk.

The September newsletter and September and October Crew Assistance/Trip Cancellation schedules are now posted on this page.

If you missed the CTC Annual Members' Meeting, you can view the PowerPoint presentation here and hear the audio here.

Customers can now purchase ferry tickets online!
The tickets available are:  child/pet (20 ride), resident/parking permit holder (10 ride), 10-ride adult, weekly commuter/frequent traveler (10 ride), and monthly commuter (unlimited).
Purchased tickets will be available on the ferry on the next scheduled ferry trip - at both Chebeague and Cousins Island.
To purchase tickets, click here.

The August newsletter and August and September Crew Assistance/Trip Cancellation schedules are now posted on this page.

The July newsletter and August Crew Assistance/Trip Cancellation schedule are now posted on this page.

The CTC Board meets the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM. The first agenda item is reserved for public comments.
Board meetings are currently being held via ZOOM.
To join a meeting, log on to Click “Join a meeting” . Enter Meeting ID 837 9566 2325.

The June newsletter and July crew assistance schedule are posted on this page.

CTC has immediate openings for part time deckhands.   Please visit the Jobs page on this website for more information.



We are extremely pleased to announce Matt Ridgway’s promotion to Assistant General Manager effective May 1, 2020.  

Matt joined CTC in 2013 as a Captain after moving to Chebeague with his family. In 2016 he was promoted to Senior Captain and in 2019 to Marine Operations Manager. 

Since graduating from college Matt has spent most of his time working on the water - where his travels have taken him from Nova Scotia to Venezuela and around the Caribbean. Prior to joining CTC, Matt was the Waterfront Manager at Portland Yacht Services and director of the Marine Learning Center (USCG licensing school). 

In 2019 Matt played a critical role in working with Washburn & Doughty in the Independence’s construction – making regular (often weekly) trips to East Boothbay to check on progress and consult on issues. Matt’s knowledge of boats, maritime operations and the unique needs of Chebeague’s ferry service have proven invaluable to CTC and the community.

Since becoming the Marine Operations Manager, Matt has taken full responsibility for marine operations, including management of staff, scheduling, training, and overseeing maintenance. Additionally, during the last two years, Matt has trained in various aspects of managing the company. In his role as Assistant General Manager, Matt will continue to oversee the marine operations while becoming more familiar with the mainland procedures. 

Matt lives on Chebeague with his wife Carrie and two children Morgan and Hannah.

Please join us in congratulating Matt on his well-deserved promotion!

The May newsletter and June crew assistance schedule are now posted on this page.

Due to anticipated high winds today 4/13, the last ferry of the day will be the noon/12:15 PM boat.

Get our updates on COVID-19 on the Home Page.
Revised schedule has been posted on the Ferry Schedule page and revised ferry fees have been posted on the Ferry Fees page.

CTC has several service changes in response to the Coronavirus.  On 4/7 many changes will be implemented including reduced ferry schedule and suspension of bus service.   For more information, click here.

Effective 3/25/2020, the CTC office will be closed to anyone other than CTC staff. The office manager will continue to work in the office for normal hours and can be reached by phone or email. In addition, there is a mailbox on the outside of the door where payments, etc. can be dropped off. Thank you.

The April newsletter and May crew assistance schedule are now posted on this page.

The temporary ferry and bus schedule effective 03/21/2020 is posted on the Ferry Schedule page of this website.

To view current policies regarding the coronavirus, click here.

Often passengers board the ferry significantly before departure time (30 minutes or more!). This can interrupt crew training, meetings, and cleaning.
With our expanded cleaning procedures, the crew needs all available time between boats to clean the cabin, carts, etc.
Therefore, effective immediately, passengers are prohibited from boarding the ferry more than 15 minutes before departure. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

CTC school ferry trips suspended effective Wednesday 3/18.

Chebeague and Yarmouth schools are suspended effective 3/16. Consequently, the twice daily ferry trips for school children will also be suspended—but not until 3/18. The suspension will last until at least 3/27. 
CTC will run the school ferry trips (leaving Chebeague at 7:05AM and at 2:50PM) on 3/16 and 3/17 in order to ensure that our passengers who normally travel on these ferries are given adequate notice.
We will provide updates as they become available.

To view CTC's response plan for the coronavirus, click here.

Some vehicles that had annual permits in 2019 are parking in our Route One lot and have not purchased a 2020 annual parking permit.  These vehicles will be subject to a $100 daily fine and possible towing effective 3/15/2020.
Some people who have purchased 2020 permits at both  lots have not put the permit on their vehicle.  These vehicles will be subject to a $10 daily fine starting 4/1/2020 unless the owner has extraordinary circumstances (e.g. currently out of state) and contacts the office.

The Independence will undergo its 500 hour engine maintenance checkup by Cummins on Thursday March 5th.  Cummins tells us it will take several hours to complete the work.  Instead of cancelling ferry trips, our friends at Casco Bay Lines will once again run some ferry trips for us that day.   CBL will start with the 10 AM ferry and will continue until the maintenance work is completed.

After several weeks of  operating experience with the Independence, some issues that need to be addressed by Washburn & Doughty have been identified. Those will require the boat to be taken out of service on Tuesday 2/25 for part of the day. While the work is being done in Portland, CTC will be using Casco Bay Line’s to perform our ferry service.  CBL will start service with the 10:00 AM ferry on 2/25.  The Independence will be back in operation by the end of the day. 

The March newsletter and March and April crew assistance schedules are posted on this page.

Reminder:  Dogs must be on a leash and under the owner's control at all times when using CTC services.

The February newsletter and February and March Crew Assistance schedules are posted on this page.

Guess what's happening this weekend! Yes....the long awaited Independence will be put into service!!! The crew has undergone training and is anxious for her to be operational. We are still working out the timing, but don't be surprised if the next time you go to "catch the ferry" you are boarding the Independence. Captain Amanda will soon be announcing a date and time for the island to tour the boat and learn about its many safety and operational benefits/features. Our faithful workhorse, the Islander, will be hauled for its Coast Guard hull inspection and maintenance in the next few days. She deserves a rest!

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