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Freight is transported either on the ferry or the barge. The following information will help passengers in preparing for transporting their personal and commercial freight. For a printable version of this information, click here.  


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Your belongings and freight may be handled several times during your trip to Chebeague. In order to make the most of available space on the boat (especially during weekends and holidays during the summer) it is a good idea to pack your belongings in stackable containers, such as banana boxes. Plastic bags are not a good idea for transporting on the ferry. If you are buying groceries at a local store, the store might be willing to provide banana boxes if you explain you are going to the island. It is very helpful if freight is labeled with the owner’s name as well. Be sure to put plenty of protection around fragile items. 

CTC offers several freight carts for customer convenience.  However, the availability of the carts varies.

Count Your Freight 

To be sure you leave the boat with all your belongings, count the number of freight containers you have before loading them. 

Beware of Peak Times 

As much as possible, passengers should try to limit freight during peak times. Summer weekend and holidays are usually peak travel times with lots of people and freight to load on the boat. If you have other freight coming to the island, such as furniture, plants, etc. please try to schedule transport during the week or use the CTC barge.

Freight on Buses 

CTC buses have limited space for transporting freight. Priority must be given to transporting customers and their personal belongings. CTC bus drivers will work to accommodate as much freight as practical. Our buses are restricted by Department of Transportation on the type of freight they can carry. CTC buses cannot carry any gasoline, propane fuel, or vessel/vehicle batteries. The bus driver will inform passengers on the best place to store their items for the bus trip to and from Cousins Island. The buses store items in the underneath luggage compartments and in the back of the bus. Passengers are not allowed to climb in or out of the back door of the bus to load/unload freight.

For more information on our freight transportation policies, click here.

Freight on Vessels 

CTC passenger vessels also have limited space for transporting freight. CTC crews on passenger vessels will work to accommodate as much freight as practical. Passenger vessels are restricted by the Coast Guard on the type and amount of freight they can carry. Since passengers who travel to Chebeague after noon tend to have the most personal freight, it is best to bring freight in the morning. Commercial freight or bulky personal freight delivered after the morning ferries may not be able to be brought to Chebeague if the freight area is crowded.  If possible, the CTC barge should be used to transport commercial freight.

Transporting Gasoline and Propane on Vessels

Per Coast Guard regulations, passengers are not permitted to transport gasoline cans filled with gas on the ferry.  

Propane Containers of liquefied natural gas or propane may NOT be carried onboard CTC vessels even if empty.

 For more information on our freight transportation policies, click here.

Freight on the Barge 

The CTC Barge can transport nearly any type of freight. If you have too much freight or you have freight that is not allowed on the passenger boat, contact CTC for our barging schedule and arrange to have your freight transported during a barging trip.

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