Chebeague Transportation Company
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Ferry Service

CTC offers a ferry service from Cousins Island to Chebeague Island many times throughout the day according to a published schedule.  

No reservations are allowed.  All passengers will be transported to/from Chebeague - even if multiple ferry trips are necessary.

The trip is approximately 15 minutes and travels between the Stone Wharf on Chebeague and the Cousins Island Wharf on Wharf Road, Cousins Island

Using the Ferry Service

Ferry fares are paid while on the ferry trip. A number of fare categories exist, as do special fare policies.  The first-time visitor to Chebeague should consult both the fare and ferry schedule when planning his/her trip.  Cash, checks, and credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover) are accepted on the ferry and at the parking lots.

The Islander

The Islander is a 102-passenger 50-ton ferry vessel designed to meet the transportation needs of Chebeague She has two decks and an area for personal freight.   The upper deck is open mostly on summer weekend days.

Commercial freight should be transported by the CTC barge whenever possible.