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Ferry and Bus Schedule

Click here for the 2021 Holiday Schedule

Ferry Trips
All  ferry trips originate on Chebeague Island and travel to Cousins Island (the mainland).  For passengers traveling to Chebeague, parking is available at our Cumberland lot at Route One in Cumberland, and passengers are transported to the ferry via bus.  Our bus leaves the satellite lot 30 minutes before the ferry's departure time from the mainland (at Cousins Island). 

Bus Trips
Thirty minutes before the ferry leaves Cousins Island (the mainland), the bus leaves our Cumberland parking lot on Route One in Cumberland, ME.  Customers who are using our Cumberland parking lot should be at the lot at least 10 minutes before bus departure time. For example, if you wish to take the 12:15 PM ferry to Chebeague, the bus departs at 11:45 AM.  You should be at the lot by 11:35 AM.  

Click here for a printable schedule