Chebeague Transportation Company
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Ferry Fares
No Reservations Needed

No reservations are taken or needed for our ferry service​.  We will get you there!

Ferry Tickets - Purchased on Ferry

Tickets for the ferry service are purchased on the ferry.  On the 15 minute ferry ride the deckhand circulates among the passengers and collects fares.   Both individual tickets and ticket books may be purchased.  The company accepts Mastercard, VISA, Discover and American Express cards.  

For our current ferry fare rates, click here.

Day Pass Tickets - Purchased on the Website

​The company also offers a Day Pass at a discounted rate. These tickets may be purchased on-line only and are only available for round trip travel from the mainland.  The return trip must occur the same day or next day.  Tickets may be purchased for one day's travel only.   

​For information on the program or to purchase a Day Pass, click here.

​Fare Policies

In addition to our regular ferry tickets and Day Pass, CTC offers discounted or free ferry rides in certain circumstances.​

For a detailed explanation of our fare policies, click here.