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Cousins Island Parking Lot

The use of the Cousins Island parking lot and the wharf are restricted by town ordinances and other agreements. Most of the available parking in the Cousins Island lot is used by Island residents who purchase annual parking passes. However, there is limited space available for persons commuting to the Island or wishing to park for a short period of time.  However, all vehicles that do not have a resident annual parking permit must exit the Cousins Island Lot by 5:30 PM.  Overnight parking is allowed for resident annual parking permit holders only.

The entrance to the parking lot is Pogy Shore Way (shown at right).  Pogy Shore Way is a left turn off Wharf Road (across from Spruce Point Road).

Drivers and pedestrians should take great care when traveling on Pogy Shore Way, as it is a narrow road and there is not adequate room for two-way traffic and pedestrians to pass safely.  The speed limit on Pogy Shore Way is 5 MPH.

Waiting Area

CTC has designated two "15 Minute" parking spaces at the front of the lot. These spaces are designed for vehicles waiting for passengers coming from Chebeague.  A clear view of the wharf and ferry allows the waiting vehicle to time the pick up of passengers after the unloading of the ferry and departure of other traffic.

Parking Fees 

Parking fees for daily parking are collected by the Parking Lot Attendant. Visitors should stop their vehicle at the parking attendant’s station when entering the lot in order to make payment. If there is no attendant on duty, the attendant will place a ticket on your vehicle when s/he returns. In this case, upon exiting the lot, stop and pay the attendant or drop your payment with your ticket in the night drop on the parking attendant’s trailer.

Restrictions on use of the Cousins Island Wharf 

Currently, except for the CTC bus, the wharf is restricted by Yarmouth town ordinance to pedestrian traffic only between May 15th and September 30th from 3PM Friday until 6AM Monday (6AM Tuesday if Monday is a holiday). Parking, stopping, or standing is not allowed on Pogy Shore Way either. Therefore, persons who do not access the wharf via the CTC bus must carry luggage from the Cousins Island parking lot.

Directions to Cousins Island (Blanchard) Lot

From U.S. Route One in Yarmouth, follow the signs to Route 88 and Cousins Island by way of Gilman Road. Cross over the Cousins Island Bridge and continue on Cousins Road (this is the main road on the island). Turn left onto Wharf Road. (If you go any further you will see signs for the power plant.) Continue down Wharf Road. Pogy Shore Way is on your left. Please stop and check in with the attendant on duty.