Chebeague Transportation Company
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Board of Directors
Chebeague Transportation Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation managed by a volunteer board of directors elected by the members of the corporation. The directors represent a cross section of the community including commuters, retired residents, and people earning their living on Chebeague.

The board of directors meets the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at the CTC office (16 North Road). Members of the public are welcome. The annual member meeting is held in July each year.  

Below is a list of the current Board of Directors and their contact information.

Name                                                Email                                                  Phone                                Term Expires

Dyer, Wayne                                    none                                                      (207) 846-0590                      2018      
Eaton, Gilbert "Specs" (VP)                    (207) 491-5150                        2020            
Holman, Lew                                (207) 846-1072                       2019 
Murray, Patrick                             none                                          2020
​Neumann, Christopher                 none                                                      (207) 846-4370                       2018  
Rent, John (Pres./Treas)       (207)846-3652                        2020
Sawyer, Susan                                          (207)846-5354                        2018
​Stranahan, Susan  (VP)                (207) 846-9378                       2019
​Summa, Geoff                                     (207) 846-1575                        2020