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Chebeague Transportation Company offers barging services for vehicles and commercial freight from April (weather permitting) to November 30th each year. Barging normally originates on Chebeague Island; Cousins Island, Yarmouth; and Yankee Marina, Yarmouth. During peak season, barging from Cousins Island is permitted Tuesday through Thursday only. On other days Yankee Marina is the originating point. The barge is 43 feet by 24 feet in size and can handle most types of vehicles.

Barging Fees

Barging costs depend on barging location (Cousins Island or Yankee Marina), the day of the week, and the type of vehicle.  Click here to view current barging fees. The barge may also be rented for special trips either to Chebeague or elsewhere in Casco Bay.

CTC Barging Service Policies and Procedures 

Scheduling your barge trip
Barging should be reserved at the CTC office at least two weeks in advance to ensure available space. Barging times are tide dependent. At booking, the customer will be advised of the approximate time the barging will occur. Prior to the actual barging day, the customer will be contacted with the exact scheduled barging time. 

Paying for your barge trip 
Unless prior arrangements have been made, full payment must be received prior to barging, either by mailing/delivering the payment to the CTC office, paying the attendant at the Cousins parking lot, or paying the barge crew. Payment must be in cash or by check if paid to the barge crew. Payment by credit card is accepted in the office and at Cousins Island. 

Customers must cancel their barge reservation no less than 30 minutes before scheduled departure time. Otherwise, the customer will be subject to a cancellation fee.

Barge Services Agreement
CTC assumes no liability for the loading, unloading, or transporting of the vehicle or freight. All barging customers must sign the Barge Services Agreement prior to the barging trip. CTC will not transport a vehicle or freight without a signed agreement. The agreement must be signed by each customer annually. 

On barging day
1.The vehicle or freight should be at the barging location no less than 15 minutes before scheduled barging time. Late vehicles may lose their place on the barge trip.
2.Vehicles may be left to be loaded and unloaded by the CTC crew. However, the customer is required to load/unload the following:
a.Junk cars (see description)
b.Commercial vehicles
e.Machinery (back-loaders, etc.)
f.Other freight
3.If the vehicle does not have a driver, then a large sign must be placed on the dashboard that states the customer’s name and the word BARGE.
4.Customers must follow the directions of the CTC staff on where to stage for the barge.
5.On a space available basis, one passenger may travel with the vehicle on the barge. If there is more than one passenger (and we have the space) the second passenger will be charged a fee.
6.Children under 18 are not allowed on the barge.
7.Customers must follow crew instructions for loading and unloading vehicles.

Junk cars
When CTC barges vehicles that are being taken to the mainland to go to a junkyard, the vehicle must be in working order and have working brakes. The CTC crew will not load or unload these vehicles.