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About Chebeague Island

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Chebeague was settled in the 1730s and became the newest town in Maine in 2007. Prior to its independence, Chebeague was a part of the Town of Cumberland.

Chebeague became part of Cumberland in 1820 when North Yarmouth was divided into smaller towns. Chebeague Islanders had the choice of affiliating themselves with either of the two new towns of Yarmouth or Cumberland. They chose Cumberland because, at that time, the closest landfall was Cumberland Foreside, with much easier access than to Yarmouth Village, up the often icy Royal River.

Chebeague is one of fourteen remaining year-round island communities in the State of Maine. It has its own school for pre-school through grade 5. Grades 6 through 12 attend school in the Town of Yarmouth. 

The Town of Chebeague has five elected selectmen who conduct the town’s business with the assistance of a Town Administrator. Town meetings are held annually in June. The town boasts its own volunteer fire and rescue squads, public safety building, town garage, solid waste transfer station and recycling center, health care center, assisted living facility, church, cemetery, post office, day care center, recreation center, library, boatyard, restaurants, Grange Hall, community hall, hotel, stores, community organizations, and, of course, public beaches.

Approximately 350 people live on Chebeague year-round, while the summer population swells to about 2,000. Fishing is the major industry on Chebeague. Non-fishing families support themselves by providing the goods and services needed by both the year-round and the summer communities. Between 25 and 50 people (depending on the season) commute to various mainland occupations. 

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